What’s on our Christmas wish list, courtesy of Filipino skincare brands

New brands in the Philippines have been popping out in the past few years with a wide range of products that are at par with global standards.

Colleen Cosme and Carl Martin Agustin

Colleen Cosme and Carl Martin Agustin

Philippine Daily Inquirer


November 25, 2022

MANILA – Gone are the days of the scarce skincare and beauty landscape. We no longer have to face drugstore shelves filled with a number of brands that we can count on one hand. Thanks to the popularization of e-commerce, we now have access to a multitude of skincare brands — French, American, Japanese, Korean — you name it, Lazada has it.

But the Filipino industry isn’t behind when it comes to widening the skincare scene. New brands have been popping out in the past few years with a wide range of products that are at par with global standards. Even better, these products are created specifically for the Filipino, taking note of our skin types, our environment, and our habits, while promoting local ingredients as well.

As Christmas comes around the corner, we’re (lowkey) dreaming about all the skincare products we’re dreaming to receive on December 25.

Revive Barrier Recovery Serum from Breathe Beauty (₱475.00)

Skin barrier repair is in. As it should, really! Breathe Beauty’s Revive Barrier Recovery Serum is packed with nourishing ceramides that help form a protective moisturizing barrier against moisture loss. We can see this product fitting perfectly into our skin cycling routines, on days when our skin needs recovery from our skincare actives.

The Invisible SPF Duo from Happy Skin (₱1,699.00)

When this photo made its rounds around Twitter, everybody and their mom started putting on sunscreen on their face AND neck. If that photo doesn’t convince you to wear sunscreen, I don’t know what will.

While there are lots of Asian sunscreens on the market, we’re especially intrigued about Happy Skin’s sunscreen line, which has anti-blue light technology. This duo is inclusive of their Invisible Sun Gel as well as a UV Mist which allows for a fuss-free reapplication during the day.

Spring Fresh Oil-Free Nourisher for Oily Skin from VMV Hypoallergenics (₱1,100.00)

Oil-free and light hydrators are a skincare must-have for our country’s humid climate. With all the sweat, dust, and stickiness we have to deal with all day, occlusive and rich morning moisturizers often get in the way. This hydrator from VMV Hypoallergenics is perfect for oily skin types and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

Self-Care Night Recovery Oil from Pili Ani Beauty (₱1,450.00)

While we veer off occlusive moisturizers during the daytime, these products are ideal to use during the night for that intense hydration and repair. We’re dreaming of having this Self-Care Night Recovery Oil (SNCRO, as the brand calls it) in our vanities. The nighttime oil contains the highest concentration of antioxidant-rich and ultra-hydrating Pili Oil in the entire Pili Ani skincare line, which helps minimize irritation and promote brightness.

Hydracushion from True Story Skin (₱1,150.00)

We’re all for multi-tasking products because they streamline our skincare routines and make our busy days a little bit easier. Not only is this Hydracushion an essence and toner all-in-one, but it also exfoliates and calms down irritation in one step, thanks to its 5% PHA acid concentration and 95% Potent Cica Active Madecassoside, which is a popular calming skin ingredient.

Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE from Human Nature (₱349.75)

Long-time fans of Human Nature are probably familiar with their cult favorite product, the Sunflower Beauty Oil. This multipurpose oil (with 25 different uses!) has a fancier big sister — the Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE. This luxury oil has 2x more oleic acid than argan oil, and acts as an intense hydrator for your skin, hair, and body all in its lightweight formula. We’re eyeing this product because it’s perfect for traveling — a one-product wonder, if you may.

Anything that caught your eye? What’s on your skincare wishlist?

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