When AI met Snapchat: “Divorce your wife” AI’s reply to a user left him shocked

AI's astonishing reply came when the user shared his tale of quarrel with his wife.

Kumari Rajlakshmi Singh

Kumari Rajlakshmi Singh

The Statesman


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June 5, 2023

NEW DELHI – “Divorce your wife” the astonishing reply by AI left Siddharth utterly flabbergasted when he shared a tale of quarrel with his wife to AI. The apps latest AI companion has engaged users in witty exchanges and teasing, the playful banter ranges from clever comebacks to hilarious retorts.

Recently launched Snapchat’s new feature My AI, the viral sensation, has become the talk of the virtual town. The AI chatbot can answer trivia, offer gift advice, helps plan trips and provide personalised recommendations. Users can send their images and get a reaction on their OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or on their coffee. What’s making it even more interactive? The custom Bitmoji avatars give a more intimate and personalised chatting experience.

Sharing an experience on social media Rahul wrote “Great, but let me see what the ring looks like, first” replied my chatbot after being trained to whimper on command “Will you marry me?” Curious to test the AI abilities, another user Manvi asked “Can you do a role-play?”

“Sure, what role-play do you want?” replied the AI which left the user in awe. From some Snapchat users sharing flirtatious wings with their AIs to some of them going on a virtual date, the #MyAIfun has created a murmur in the community.

Another user Sahil while sharing a snap of his dog cleverly persuaded the AI that it looked like a potato. The clever interaction showcased the AI’s susceptibility to being fooled by misleading information resulting in humorous outcomes.

In the hilarious turn of events, Kritika shared her grocery snapshots, seeking a recipe recommendation. A user playfully decided to rename My AI to “My Ex” and engage in comical banter, utilising witty slang to defuse her past frustration.

It was only a matter of time when users attempted to share explicit snaps, including semi-nudes and crossing community guidelines where it is still uncertain how the chatbot will respond to unsolicited nudity. The act of gaslighting and bullying My AI is what’s trending now. Users are sharing outrageous, witty, and sometimes cruel conversations.

The world of AI has shown us a wide range of emotions, from light-hearted encounters to prompted deeper contemplation.

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