World listens to India attentively now: Defence minister

He also noted that a superpower like the US was now preparing diligently to welcome and host the India Prime Minister, and the foreign media was also talking about the country’s success story.


June 19, 2023

NEW DELHI – The idea of a developed India is not just a dream now but is fast becoming a reality under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday.

”The stature of India at international forums has risen in the past nine years and the world now listens to us attentively,” he said, addressing a gathering of successful candidates of UPSC Civil Services Exam at an event in Lucknow.

Rajnath noted that a superpower like the United States was now preparing diligently to welcome and host the India Prime Minister and the foreign media was also talking about the country’s success story.

Highlighting the PM’s vision of a Developed India by 2047, he said the young civil servants have a vital role in building such a nation.

“A huge responsibility is on your shoulders. You are going to serve at a time when the country has entered the Amrit Kaal. When you will be at the end of your term by 2047, the country will be celebrating its 100th year of independence,” he said.

“I would like you to be prepared for the upcoming challenges. Together we can face them and take India on the path of a developed nation,” said the Defence Minister.

He exhorted civil servants to earn people’s trust in government by living up to their expectations and aspirations, and by proactively engaging with them. He stressed that people’s trust in democracy would increase manifold if bureaucrats connected with the public more readily.

Rajnath underscored that as the society was moving forward on the path of progress and prosperity, the feudal system and mentality was diminishing, and in such a situation, living up to the expectations and aspirations of the public was the measure of the capability of bureaucrats and leaders.

“There was a time when there used to be a culture of authority in the society, now the culture of justification has overtaken the culture of authority as citizens are becoming educated and more aware with the arrival of new means of communication,” he added.

Emphasizing the role of people’s representatives in day-to-day governance and democracy, he stressed that civil servants should listen carefully and act on the suggestions made by the public representatives, as in a democracy, the representatives of the people were the representatives of their aspirations.

He denounced the culture of undue political interference in the local administration but pitched for guidance from the people’s representatives, as they represented the common citizens of the country.

“As the people’s representatives, they will definitely raise before you the issues related to their constituency. That’s why you have to work closely with the people’s representatives in your area,” he stressed.

He admired the phenomenal performance of women in civil services exams in recent years. ”Our daughters have brought laurels whenever they got the opportunity,” he added.

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