Bangladesh’s Mousumi Hamid’s wedding wardrobe: A tale of red Benarasi and minimalism

The bridal ensemble has been a tale woven with tradition, culture, and modern minimalism along with the tireless work of the designer and his team.

Ayman Anika

Ayman Anika

The Daily Star


File photo of celebrated actor, Mousumi Hamid and her husband, Abu Sayeed Rana at their wedding. PHOTO: THE DAILY STAR

January 15, 2024

DHAKACelebrated actor, Mousumi Hamid has tied the knot with her fiancé, Abu Sayeed Rana and she looks breath-takingin her bridal attire — a red Benarasi khadi sari, designed with love and sincerity by Shafayet Hossain Khan, owner and designerof KhanSaab Studio.The bridal ensemble has been atalewoven with tradition, culture, and modern minimalism along with the tireless work of the designer and his team.

“Mousumi wanted to be a traditional bride clad in a red sari right from the start.She wanted to don a minimalistic look as well. So, my team and I have worked tirelessly to find that traditional sari that features the colour of red sindoor,”Shafayet informed, “We searched and searched three different markets to find this particular sari and had to dye the dupatta in the colourof red sindoor.

The beautiful red Benarasi khadi sariis distinguished by its katan border embroidered withZardosi work. However, the sari’s main section has been intentionally left without elaborate designs or embroidery, aligning with Mousumi’s desire for simplicity.

The border of the sari featured the kalka motif, which was also integrated into her bridal dupatta. Mousumi paired this sari with a brocade blouse, complementing the look.

Shafayet drew inspiration from vintage designs and Mughal-era architecture. “I am inspired by traditional sequins work and Mughal-era designs, which are reflected in the bridal dupatta.”

For the groom, Abu Sayeed Rana, Shafayet designed a coatee made of dupion silk with the kalka motif, accompanying a white panjabi and pyjama set. A red square pocket was added to match Mousumi’s outfit.

“Rana chose not to wear a sherwani, so we designed a coatee with similar motifs to Mousumi’s attire,” Shafayet said.

According to Shafayet, the groom has a Punjabi friend who will be designing the pagri. So, Shafayet provided them with fabric and a broach to complete the look.

Speaking of the bridal makeup, Shafayet said, “Zahid Khan is doing her make-up and Mousumi wants minimal makeup on her face as well.”

Mousumi’s choice of the red Benarasi khadi sari from KhanSaab Studio – thoughtfully designed by Shafayet Hossain Khan – prettily balanced traditional sensibilities with a touch of modern minimalism. This choice not only highlighted her elegance but also paid homage to the rich heritage of bridal fashion.

With coordinated attire for the groom and carefully selected accessories and makeup, the couple’s wedding attire was certainly worth the praise and showed the harmonious blend of tradition and personal expression.

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