HK star Maria Cordero reveals she lost RM27mil after investing in stocks

“I was very confident then because my friend assured me that I would gain back the money I put in”, the Macau-born star admitted.


Hong Kong personality Maria Cordero says she initially planned on retiring in 2016. Photos: Maria Cordero/Facebook

December 15, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR – Maria Cordero recently announced her upcoming concert at Hong Kong Coliseum is set to take place on Jan 27 and 28.

Speaking to Hong Kong media, the 68-year-old revealed that she initially planned on retiring in 2016 to spend time with her husband, Rick da Silva.

Cordero reportedly had over HK$50mil (RM29mil) in savings and owned multiple properties then. It was the perfect time to step back from showbiz and enjoy life.

However, her plans came an abrupt halt after she lost over HK$48mil (RM27mil) due to a failed investment.

According to HK01, Cordero invested almost HK$50mil in a tech company dealing with light bulbs after taking her friend’s advice to invest in tech stocks.

“I was very confident then because my friend assured me that I would gain back the money I put in,” the Macau-born star admitted.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case, for the stocks plummeted sharply afterwards – falling from HK$8 (RM4.54) to eight cents (RM0.05).

“I was filming a cooking show when I watched the stocks drop. It went from HK$8 to eight cents. In the end, I was left with HK$2mil (RM1.13mil),” she said.

After the failed investment, Cordero had no choice but to continue working since her husband was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and his medical costs would amount to millions.

Maria Cordero and her late husband, Rick da Silva.

Da Silva passed away in 2020 after succumbing to his illness.

Speaking with Mingpao, Cordero shared that she is financially stable now: “It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m starting fresh and taking my time. God wants me to continue working. All the properties I invested in are sold, and the money will go to my children and future grandchildren.”

When asked if she would give investing another try in the future, she responded: “Even if you kill me I won’t do it.”

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