Malaysian film ‘Mechamato Movie’ earns RM 10 mil at box office in 6 days

The movie has great action sequences and plenty of laughs, according to reviews, centred on the friendship between a creative teenager and a powerful robot.


'Mechamato Movie' features lots of Malaysian elements in the movie like keris and silat. Photo: Handout

December 15, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR – Since opening on Dec 8, Mechamato Movie has managed to collect RM10mil at box office across Malaysia and Brunei.

On its Facebook page, Animonsta Studios (Monsta) thanked the viewers who have made it a resounding success in less than a week.

“Thank you for supporting our movie. To those who have watched and supported Mechamato Movie since the first day of screening – and watched it again and again – you have contributed in elevating a Malaysian film,” it stated.

Director-writer Nizam Abd Razak said that the earnings is encouraging as it shows that audiences are truly entertained with the film, to garner repeated viewing.

Mechamato Movie, currently showing at 150 cinemas nationwide, has great action sequences and plenty of laughs … all centring on a developing friendship between a creative teenager and a powerful robot.

No doubt, the fact that it is the school holidays now also boosted its ticket sales.

However, Mechamato Movie’s collection did not best the record set by Syamsul Yusof’s film Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan.

Back in June, Mat Kilau earned RM12.2mil at the box office in four days and RM47mil in 11 days, with simultaneous screenings in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Nonetheless, Monsta has big plans for Mechamata Movie in coming months.

According to Nizam, the studio is looking to release the film in the overseas market next year.

He told StarLifestyle that the outlook of the film becoming successful overseas is there thanks to the popularity of Mechamato: The Animated Series.

The series is shown in 65 countries around the world including Japan, South Korea, Portugal, Turkiye and Australia.

But first, Nizam and his team need to look into the “strategic elements” before the film can be exported and for it to be a hit in other countries.

“We need to form strategic partnerships and good business deals for that to happen. We are currently working on this. It’s not easy, but I think it can be done because we have a good concept.”

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