PLA exercise near Taiwan meant to serve as warning to island, US

Senior Colonel Shi Yi said the operation was also arranged in response to the US sending "wrong signals" about the Taiwan question.


May 26, 2022

BEIJING – The People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command recently carried out interservice combat exercises in the air and waters near Taiwan, according to a theater spokesman.

Senior Colonel Shi Yi said in a statement on Wednesday that the operations were intended to serve as a warning to the United States and Taiwan for their recent actions.

“The way the US deals with the Taiwan question has been in stark contrast to its commitments to us. It continues to embolden ‘Taiwan independence’ forces. Such hypocritical acts are in vain, will lead to a dangerous situation and have grave consequences,” Shi said.

“Taiwan is part of China. The theater is determined and able to thwart any foreign interference and attempts at ‘Taiwan independence’, and it will firmly safeguard China’s sovereignty and national security as well as peace and stability in the region,” Shi said.

Before the latest one, the command organized interservice exercises near Taiwan on April 15, sending naval ships, fighter jets, bomber aircraft and other vehicles to carry out combat patrols and assault drills.

The operation was also arranged in response to the US sending “wrong signals” about the Taiwan question, according to Shi.

He said the US’s “malicious acts and attempts are useless and dangerous”, adding that “whoever plays with fire will eventually get burned”.

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