Refrain from celebrating Valentine’s Day: Malaysian Dept of Islamic development

The department also added that the celebration had never been endorsed by the religion in a statement posted on Facebook.


February 15, 2023

PETALING JAYA – The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) has reminded Muslims to refrain from celebrating Valentine’s Day, saying it is not part of Islamic culture.

The department said this in a statement on Facebook, adding that the celebration had never been endorsed by the religion.

“Valentine’s Day, which falls on Feb 14 every year, has never been endorsed in Islam, and is not part of Muslim culture,” it said.

It then quoted Prophet Muhammad SAW who said that anyone “who resembles a race, then he is part of them,” indicating that Muslims who practise the customs of other communities become a part of their culture.

Jakim also said that Islam did not prevent love “as long as it does not contradict the laws of Syariah”.

Jakim’s views on Valentine’s Day have been expressed before by local religious figures.

They include celebrity preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus, who has said that Valentine’s Day is forbidden for Muslims, even if “just for fun” because of its Christian roots.

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