Tattoo artist shares designs done during Filipino American History Month

Los Angeles-based Filipino tattoo artist Rain Mang tattooed a number of Tagalog deities, including a genderless deity of the wind.

Christyanne San Juan

Christyanne San Juan

Philippine Daily Inquirer


November 3, 2022

Los Angeles – based Filipino tattoo artist Rain Mang shared Filipino culture-inspired tattoos that he had done during October – Filipino American History Month – in a TikTok video that has received thousands of views.

One notable subject that Mang tattooed was a manananggal in the style of Japanese artist Takato Yamamoto. The manananggal is a mythological creature in the Philippines that separates its torso from the lower half of its body. The creature also has fangs and wings, giving it a vampire-like appearance.

The twenty-four-year-old artist also tattooed a number of Tagalog deities, including Amihan, a genderless deity of the wind; and Mayari, the goddess of the moon.

Mang also tattooed Hanan, the goddess of the morning or dawn, and Tala, the goddess of the stars.

The junior tattoo artist also tattooed a diwata (nature spirit or fairy).

Mang also tattooed childhood games commonly played in the Philippines, in addition to a magtataho (silken tofu vendor) and a magsasaka (farmer). He also tattooed clients in baybayin, a Philippine script.

The twenty-four-year-old artist has only been tattooing for just over eight months, but commenters were amazed by his talent. Some viewers even left comments asking if Mang would be visiting their city or tagging friends and expressing their want to get tattooed by him.

It’s clear that Mang has a bright future ahead as a tattoo artist, as he has already garnered over sixty-one thousand followers on TikTok and thirteen thousand followers on Instagram. We’re excited to see what else the talented artist accomplishes in the future.

Mang can be found on TikTok. He also has an Instagram account for his work as a tattoo artist, an Instagram account for his art, his Instagram account for his photography, and his personal Instagram account.

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