Volunteer wins praise for carrying dead body on his bike

Many Thai netizens complimented the young rescue volunteer for his bravery and dedication in doing his job and completing his mission.

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July 1, 2022

BANGKOK – A young rescue volunteer has won praise from Thai netizens for retrieving a dead body from the forest on his motorcycle.

Jaturon Duangrat, 25, and his team from the Siam Ruamjai Foundation were assigned to transport the body of a middle-aged man, who had died in the forest in Wiang Pa Pao district in Chiang Rai province.

The foundation’s ambulance could not reach the spot where the body was lying inside the forest, so the team had to ride motorbikes for over an hour to get to the site.

A plan was devised to make a bamboo stretcher to carry the body out, but it would have taken the team at least an extra hour to cut the bamboo trees and make a stretcher, according to Jaturon.

As rain clouds were forming and it was getting dark, he offered to take the body to the ambulance on a motorbike, by tying it to his back.

“This way, we can save time,” he said he told his colleagues.

The body was carefully wrapped by his colleagues before being tied to his back. Some of his colleagues took photos during the preparation before the rough ride out of the forest.

“It was a difficult ride, but we finally could bring the body out,” he said.

The operation took place on May 31 but it became known widely only recently after his unnamed friend — apparently impressed by his brave gesture — posted the story and photos on social media, unbeknownst to Jaturon.

Many Thai netizens complimented Jaturon for his bravery and dedication in doing his job and completing his mission.

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